Wellness Care

We are here for your pets when they are sick or injured. At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, we are also here to help you maintain your pets’ health when they’re doing fine. Maintaining health is just as important as emergency care when things are not going well for your pet.  Apart from wholesome food and water, there is not a lot you have to do for the typical adult dog or cat. Even so, those few things you do need to do are critically important for the animal's overall health. 



It is very important to keep vaccinations up to date. Your veterinarian can vaccinate your animals to protect their health year-round. Some vaccinations are mandated by law, and some are recommended by veterinarians.  While it is not exactly a vaccine, regular heartworm and flea preventatives should also be given. Heartworms can be fatal to a dog, and a simple monthly pill or chew can alleviate the risk. Flea pills can help keep these parasites off your dog and out of your house.


Keeping your animal healthy, both physically and mentally, can be done with regular exercise and playtime. Dogs and cats need mental stimulation as well as exercise to keep their minds, spirits, and bodies functioning at a healthy level.  Different breeds of animals have different needs. Consult our vet to discuss the level of exercise and activity needed for your specific animal.


Your veterinarian may have suggestions for diet. Some breeds have different needs, and respond to fats and so forth differently.  Be careful with how many treats you give your pets. Many dogs and cats become overweight easily. You can still make your animals happy with treats, but do so in moderation.

Yearly checkup

Often, catching an issue early on can prevent a greater problem later on. An annual checkup is a way to make sure everything is going well with your animal.   This is also a good time to talk with your veterinarian about any concerns you might have.

Come See Us

Bring your animals to us, At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose. We can help keep your dog or cat as healthy as they can possibly be.  You can call us to schedule an appointment at (408) 227-1661. We also have an emergency number if your animal is injured or sick. Give us a call today and let us help care for your pet.


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