Parasite Prevention

Care for Your Pets with Year-Round Parasite Prevention

One of the most important reasons for pet owners to take their pets in to see a veterinarian for regular checkups is to make sure they are protected from parasites like heartworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. Here at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, our veterinarian recommends pet owners bring their dogs or cats in for a visit at least twice a year for an exam. It should be noted that most canines and felines will encounter some type of parasite at some point during their lifetime. Generally, there aren't any long term effects associated with parasite encounters if the pet is treated in a timely manner. Here is some information about parasites in cats and dogs and how pet owners can protect their pets and themselves.

Care for Your Pets with Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Responsible Care for Humans and Pets

Pet owners need to be aware that protecting their pets from parasites is not only responsible pet care, but it is essential to the humans living in their homes as well. There are several types of parasites that can be passed on from felines and canines to humans. These types of infestations are called zoonotic diseases. The zoonotic disease can be a real danger for people who have compromised immune diseases, elderly people, people with certain autoimmune diseases, young children and pregnant women. 

The chances of an expectant mother contracting toxoplasmosis is low, however, women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy should take precautions. They should avoid changing their cat’s litter, as the condition can cause a miscarriage. Our veterinary team also advises expectant mothers to have their cats tested to see if they have been infected.

The Carriers

People who keep their animal indoors should not make the false assumption that their animals are not susceptible to parasites. Your dog or cat is going to have to go outside at some point, and when they do there is always a chance they could come into contact with a parasite. Wildlife like opossums and raccoons carry parasites. One way to lessen the chances of a dog or cat coming into contact with one of these animals is for pet owners to make sure their trash bins are secured, and any food leftover from their pets feeding time is removed. Cats and hunting dogs are most susceptible to ingesting parasites when they catch their prey.

Preventing Parasites

The best care San Jose pet owners can provide for their pets is to make sure they are on a parasite control program. Here in our office our veterinarian examines each pet and designs individual programs to suit the needs of each animal. Pet parents should be mindful that over the counter medications for parasites may not be safe or provide adequate protection for your pet, and could put them at higher risk of contracting a serious health condition. Pet owners should also be aware that natural remedies should not be considered as appropriate care for the treatment of parasites.

Get Them the Help They Need

Monitoring your pet at home is very important in regard to making sure they are treated promptly and correctly for parasites. If you notice your dog or cat is losing weight, has feces in their stools, has diarrhea, is lethargic, a loss of appetite, itchy skin, a cough or a distended belly, you need to get them in to see a vet. Here at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, our experienced team provides compassionate care San Jose, and our main goal is to ensure you and your pet enjoy many happy years together. Give our office a call at (408) 227-1661 to schedule an appointment for your pet today.


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