Emergency Care

Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital Offers Emergency Care in San Jose

Pets can experience a sudden health problem or may be involved in an accident, such as being hit by a car. When these incidents occur, you want knowledgeable veterinary care from people who keep your pet’s unique needs in mind. At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, CA, we are ready to help when a pet emergency arises.


What Conditions Are Considered a Pet Emergency?

Heat stroke is a common pet emergency that occurs when pets are unable to cool themselves adequately during hot weather. This is an event that requires immediate veterinary treatment. Animals that are hit by a car may experience broken bones, serious wounds, and other problems that require fast treatment. Any event with severe bleeding should be seen immediately. Some animals experience seizures that can be life threatening. Chronic coughing or breathing problems are considered a pet emergency. Severe vomiting or diarrhea is a pet emergency, as is the inability to urinate or defecate. Refusal to eat or drink should be investigated by the vet as soon as possible. Any incident of unconsciousness or signs of pain should be evaluated by a vet.

Emergency Treatments Your Vet Can Provide

Veterinarians have many pieces of equipment and types of procedures that can help pets in a veterinary emergency. Cooling blankets and medications to stabilize body processes can be used to help heatstroke. Oxygen delivery can help pets with breathing problems. Bleeding can be stopped with pressure and surgical techniques. Broken bones can be set or be fixed surgically. Diagnostic testing can provide information about the function of internal organs and what may be needed to relieve pain and improve function.

Follow-Up Care after an Emergency

After your pet receives emergency care, the vet may advise follow-up care to monitor the progress of an animal's healing. These measures can help to get your pet back to normal activities and to prevent health issues that may surface in the future.

Make Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian for Emergency Care in San Jose

Dr. Bajwa and our team at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital use their many years of experience to provide quality care for our patients in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding communities. We offer many services for pets, including vaccinations, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, and dermatology. Call Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital today at (408) 227-1661 when you have a pet emergency to alert our trained staff to be ready to provide care.


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