Puppy and Kitten Care

Your puppy or kitten needs more frequent visits to a veterinarian than an adult animal. In addition to updating your pet's shots, the vet also needs to assess the animal for proper growth and any congenital conditions that require treatment. If you have a new pet, bring it to us at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital for high-quality care in San Jose.


Unique Puppy Care

Puppies are energetic animals that delight their owners, but also bring confusion. Puppies have different dietary and health needs than fully grown dogs. During a puppy care exam, you can talk to one of our veterinarians about your little dog's health. Our vet will also give your pet vaccinations and offer you tips on how to keep your puppy healthy.

Return puppy care visits depend on the vaccines your dog gets. You can start its vaccine schedule as young as six weeks, but your puppy won't get all its shots at once. For instance, puppies need three doses of both the distemper and parvovirus vaccines between six weeks and 16 weeks. Other shots, such as rabies, only require a single annual shot. Additionally, some shots do not fall onto the core list of vaccines given to all dogs. Talk to your vet about whether your puppy needs non-core shots such as canine influenza, Bordetella, or parainfluenza.

Our vet will help you with concerns you have about keeping your puppy active, healthy, and growing well. Puppy care visits are a perfect time to get to know your pet's vet and learn more about becoming a better puppy parent.

Kitten Care for Young Cats

Just as puppies have different needs from dogs, your kitten will have special needs that cats don’t have. Generally, kittens need fewer shots than dogs. Your kitten care visit will include core vaccines that the vet can give starting at six weeks of age, such as calicivirus, feline distemper, and feline herpesvirus. After the first dose, your kitten will need boosters of these every three to four weeks until it reaches 16 months of age. Also, your kitten will need a rabies shot at eight weeks old.

Aside from vaccines, our veterinarian will help you choose the right food for your kitten. Kittens need food that offers densely packed nutrition. Since kittens need high amounts of energy for growing and playing, they need more calorically dense food than an adult cat might need. Ask the vet about the best products for your growing cat.

Whether you have never owned a cat or are a seasoned feline parent, make sure that you talk to our vet about any concerns you have with raising your new kitten. All pets have different needs, and our vet will give you customized advice for your kitten's health and wellbeing.

Schedule a Visit to Our Animal Hospital in San Jose for Your Puppy or Kitten

Get your pet off to a great start in life by scheduling a visit with us at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital. We can provide your pet with the best puppy care or kitten exams possible while giving you advice on how to help your pet life a health life. Call us today at (408) 227-1661 to schedule an appointment with us at our San Jose animal hospital. 



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