Tumor Removal

Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital Offers Tumor Removal for Pets

Animals may develop tumors on their faces or bodies as they age. This growth may be benign or something more serious. Your veterinarian can determine the type of tumor and safely remove it, so your pet can be healthier and look more attractive. At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, CA, we remove tumors of various types from pets.

Tumor Removal

What Causes Tumors on Pets?

Many animals develop tumors on various parts of their bodies as they age. Sometimes, these lumps and bumps are abnormal tissue growths or clogged oil glands that begin to build more mass. However, lumps are sometimes a sign of cancer, which occurs when cell replacement usually occurs in the body and becomes abnormal, either due to exposure to cancer-causing substances or genetic factors. Not all lumps and bumps are serious, but when they occur, the veterinarian should examine them to determine whether they can seriously affect your pet’s health.

Diagnosing Pet Tumors

Your vet must evaluate the tumor to determine if it is malignant, poses a severe hazard to your pet’s health, or is a simple benign growth that a veterinarian can easily remove. Generally, the vet will biopsy the cell from the development through a hollow needle, then examine the sample under a microscope.

What Happens During Tumor Removal?

Generally, animals are put under general anesthesia during tumor removal, so they hold still during surgery and can be more comfortable during the process. Surgery can be a simple or complex process, depending on the type of tumor, how much tissue is affected, and how many blood vessels are involved. Usually, the area is bandaged, and the pet owner is given instructions on wound care and medications administered to facilitate healing.

Make Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian for Tumor Removal in San Jose

Dr. Brar, Dr. Bajwa, and the Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital team work hard to provide quality care for all their patients in the San Jose area. We offer many pet services, including surgery, vaccination, parasite prevention, dental care, allergy care, and emergency veterinary services. Contact Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital today at (408) 227-1661 for an appointment to discuss your pet’s tumor and how our veterinarian can safely remove it.


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