Spay and Neuter

Why Spay and Neuter
Surgeries Benefit Your Pet

A spay and neuter surgery performed at the appropriate age does a world of good for not only your pet but the greater pet community of San Jose. Pet overpopulation is a serious concern all across the country and it results in many untimely euthanasia deaths due to a lack of homes and not enough room in the shelters. When you spay or neuter your pet you save an unwanted litter from meeting a similar fate. Additionally, the surgery has many medical and behavioral benefits for your pet, which benefit both them and you!

How Your Pet Benefits

Spay refers to the removal of a female pet’s uterus and ovaries while a neuter refers to the removal of the testes of a male pet. Both procedures sterilize your pet so they cannot produce any unwanted litters. Sterilization may seem like a harsh decision, but your pet is significantly better off, both medically and emotionally for it.

Female pets benefit from:

  • No heat cycles which are messy and frustrating for them (and you!)
  • Less inclination to roam to find a mate (which could lead to accidents on the road)
  • Reduced or eliminated urine spraying behavior
  • Zero chance of developing pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus
  • Reduced risk of developing mammary gland tumors
  • No risk of developing uterine or ovarian cancers

Male pets benefit from:

  • Lessened aggression
  • Less inclination to roam to find a mate (which could lead to accidents on the road)
  • Reduced or eliminated urine spraying and mounting behavior
  • Reduced risk in developing prostate problems
  • No risk of developing testicular cancer

When Your Pet Should Receive the Surgery

Typically, 6 months is a good general timeline to keep in mind for a spay and neuter surgery. However, many factors could play into either an earlier or later surgery. For instance, female kittens could enter in their first heat cycle as early as 4 months of age, and so would benefit from an earlier surgery. Meanwhile larger breed dogs tend to benefit from a later surgery at about 12-18 months of age so that they can reach skeletal maturity first. Each individual pet and owner is different, so this timeline is apt to change for each and every pet. Please schedule an appointment so we can discuss your pet’s best options.


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