Spay and Neuter FAQ

Your pet is an important family member, and you only want the best for him. Here at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, we are not only your reliable veterinarian in San Jose, CA, but we can also provide the very best care for your furry animal. We have the equipment and services necessary to keep your pet happy and healthy. A service that is essential to all pets is a spay and neuter surgery. We understand that pet owners have questions about this surgical procedure, so we are answering them in this article.


What Is Spay And Neuter Surgery?

Spay refers to the removal of the reproductive organs, which are the ovaries and uterus, of a female pet. Neuter is the removal of the testes of a male animal.

Why Should My Pet Get This Surgery?

For starters, it reduces the pet population. Sadly, millions of animals are left in shelters every year, and it could take years before any of them can get adopted. In addition to this, the numbers in unwanted pets are increasing, with many shelters unable to provide room or care for them. If you are not interested in providing care to litters, it is best to have this surgical procedure done for your pet.

Another reason is that spay and neuter surgery offer many health benefits. The risk of specific cancers are reduced significantly, unwanted behavior like aggression is eliminated, and the chances of roaming outside the house to find a mate is less likely to happen.

What Age Is Recommended To Have A Spay Or Neuter Surgery?

Most veterinarians agree that pets should have this procedure done between the ages of 4 to 6 months. However, certain circumstances can influence when a pet can get it. It is best to consult with our veterinary team to determine if your animal is healthy enough to have surgery as well as when he should get it.

Are There Risks When It Comes To Spaying Or Neutering?

Like any type of surgery, there will always be some degree of risk. Our veterinarians in San Jose will go over with you about these risks before the surgery takes place.

What I Need To Do To Help My Pet Recover From Surgery?

After your furry animal’s surgery, our veterinary team will provide you a list of instructions to follow to prevent an infection and to ensure a speedy recovery. These precautions include:

  • not letting him to do any strenuous activity for 2 weeks
  • preventing the incision site from being licked
  • no bath time for 10 days
  • making sure the incision is cleaned and healing properly
  • watching for signs of a problem

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Here at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, we want pets in the San Jose and surrounding areas to live happy and healthy lives. If you have more spay and neuter surgery questions that you want us to answer, or want to schedule an exam to see if your animal is healthy, then call us at (408) 227-1661.


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