Pet Pain Management

Pets can suffer from chronic pain, just as much as people can. Pain management can be an important part of your pet's overall wellness and health treatment plan as it ages. A veterinarian on our team will seek to consider, manage, and reduce pain in any care involving a pet, and, at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, CA, pain exams and management is a service that we can provide for your pet. 

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Pain in Pets

Many animals instinctively seek to hide symptoms of illness or pain, as a survival mechanism. This can sometimes make it difficult for a pet owner to detect pain in a dog, cat, or other pet. The truth is, many mammals, like dogs and cats, have a nervous system and pain responses which are like those of human beings. Veterinary doctors can recognize and treat discomfort, using many of the same techniques and medicines available to medical doctors treating humans.

Pain can be acute or chronic. Acute pain, caused by injury or accident may be easier to detect, or observe. The general rule in looking for pain from such episodes is, that if an injury or accident would cause discomfort for a person, it will cause discomfort for your pet. Long standing, or chronic, pain, from accidents, injuries, or even from old age and arthritis, can be harder to detect. A veterinarian can conduct exams and other methods to determine whether your pet is likely to be suffering from chronic pain.

Pain treatments can include medicines, similar to those used for humans. For acute pain, arising from surgery, or injury, a veterinarian might prescribe short courses of pain killing drugs. The stronger ones must be used with care because many of the drugs have side effects which can damage the organs of your pet. Follow the directions of the veterinarian precisely when using these medicines.

Because of the wide range of treatment options available, pets can have pain management if necessary for its health and wellbeing. You can have your pet examined if you think he is suffering from either acute or chronic pain.

Get Pet Exams and Pain Management from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, we offer a range of treatment services for all of your pets' needs, including pain management. Our veterinarians and professional staff can provide the care that your pet needs. If you live in San Jose, CA or the greater region, we would welcome the chance to meet you and to show you what we can do to help keep your pet healthy, happy, and well throughout his entire life. Call us at (408) 227-1661 for more information and pain exams.


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