Pet Dental Care FAQs

When it comes to taking care of your pet’s dental health, it is just as important as your pet’s regular veterinary care. Dental issues may arise, and the only way to avoid them is via regular dental care appointments. Diseases such as periodontal disease can impact your pet’s overall health tremendously. Here at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in San Jose, our professional staff provides the dental checkups and cleanings your animal needs to maintain its oral health.  Here are some frequently asked questions about dental care to help explain more about how crucial dental care for your pet is.


Why is it important for my pet to have regular dental care?

Just like humans, pets are also susceptible to dental issues such as abscesses, periodontal disease, bleeding gums, and broken teeth. If these issues are ignored, they can have a huge effect on the health of your pet overall. Unfortunately, this means that your pet will be more susceptible to other diseases. Regular dental exams allow your vet to check and detect any issues early on while they are still easy to treat. Catching these conditions early on can minimize the suffering and pain your pet will experience.

What are some signs that my pet is suffering from dental issues?

If your pet is suffering from dental issues, there are common symptoms it may experience, including:

  • Decrease in appetite
  • Not being able to chew
  • Excessive drooling
  • Foul breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose or discolored teeth
  • Swelling of jaw or face
  • Aggressive behavior

If you notice any of these signs, you should schedule an appointment with our veterinarians right away.

How often should my pet have its teeth cleaned or checked?

We highly recommend bringing your pet in for annual dental checkups to help monitor its overall oral health. If your pet already has had dental issues in the past, more frequent checkups are recommended. Pet dental cleanings every year can help keep your pet’s gums and teeth healthy.

Does my pet need to be sedated for cleanings?

Sedation is a necessary measure since it helps keep your pet still and calm and enables us to perform an efficient dental cleaning and checkup. In addition, anesthesia prevents your pet from enduring any pain during the cleaning. We will also check your pet’s teeth for any signs of gum disease and take x-rays during its checkup to make sure it has good bone health. Our dental cleaning also includes removing tartar and plaque and ends with polishing them.

Contact Us for Pet Dental Care from Our Veterinarians in San Jose

Our dental care is a crucial aspect of proper pet care. If your pet needs a cleaning or is suffering from a dental-related problem, our team at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital is ready to help. Our professional staff is committed to providing pets the care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Contact us today to learn more about how we help pets in and around the San Jose area.


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