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When it comes to our dogs, cats, and other pets, dental care doesn't often become an issue until a serious problem occurs.  And once these problems do occur, pet dental problems can be very dangerous.  Fortunately, at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, in south San Jose, a qualified veterinarian can make regular dental care part of your pet's healthy and active life.  


Just as is the case with humans, there are many long-lasting benefits for maintaining good dental health in an animal.  Not only is it a good idea to check your dog yourself for the presence of disease-causing plaque, but your dog should have periodic cleanings and checkups.  Treating dental or oral problems as soon as they occur can prevent much more serious problems further down the line.  Even with an issue as common as your pet's ability to eat, their dental health should be maintained with careful oral examinations and vigilant dental care.

Some of the most common dental problems can be detected by noticing several signs, including discolored teeth, bad breath, excessive drooling, and loss of appetite.  If your pet is suffering from these problems, they could be precursors to other, more serious issues such as tooth loss and decay, pain, infections, heart disease and more.

Don't rely on pet treats and other gimmicks that promote themselves as being good for oral health.  Even these products leave plaque and other materials that can cause dental problems for your dog or cat.  

A qualified veterinarian will recommend that your pet has annual dental exams and thorough cleanings.  This will help to prevent your pet from having multiple painful dental problems, often resulting in problems with your pet’s heart, kidney, and liver.  Of course, the primary reason for maintaining good overall dental care for your pet is their longevity, other benefits will result from periodic cleanings.  

If your pet is in need of more extensive dental care, the veterinarian at Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital is qualified to perform other services such as oral surgery, extractions, sealing and bonding, and more.  Good dental care is part of the total pet care program we offer that will ensure the long life of your dog or cat.

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The next time you schedule yourself for your dental check-up, why not schedule an appointment for your pet as well (although not at the same place).  At Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital, care San Jose is a proud provider of quality pet dental care as part of all your pet's needs. You can call us at 408-227-1661 to schedule an appointment today!


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