Welcome to Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital - Where Your Pet is a Priority!

Oak Grove Veterinary animal hospital of San Jose, California, is a great choice for your veterinary care needs. Our friendly team of professionals will roll out the red carpet for you and your beloved family member. As you enter our comfortable, kid-friendly office, we hope you and your pet will feel relaxed and ready for the visit with our doctor. 

Every member of our staff is committed to making your fur baby our primary concern. We strive to do so at an affordable cost and in a compassionate environment. 

Welcome to Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital

Oak Grove is a comprehensive animal clinic that treats felines and canines. We can provide you with the following:

    • Wellness Exam – Our staff will do a complete examination including collecting a history. We will check for illnesses or concerns. In addition, a fecal sample will be taken to test for parasites.
    • Vaccines - Our pet care San Jose includes the core vaccinations as well as advising you on any additional vaccinations your pet may need based on his/her environment.
    • Heartworm, flea and tick prevention - We carry a wide variety of pest infestation protection. You can count on Oak Grove to guard your baby against these dangerous creatures.
    • Nutrition - Based on your pet's needs, we can make a recommendation for food and supplements. Some pets need special food to treat a certain condition while others may need a supplemental vitamin or medication. Whatever your baby requires, we can help. 
    • Microchipping, surgeries, lab work, x-rays, dentistry and more - Our clinic can microchip so if your pet is ever lost the chances of them being returned are greater. If it is bloodwork, x-rays, dental cleaning or most any type of surgery your sweet one needs, we have the knowledge and state of the art equipment to provide the best care possible.
    • Urgent care - In the event of an emergency, Oak Grove can likely assist and treat your pet. Ability to provide emergency services depends on the current situations of the clinic in regards to pre scheduled surgeries and appointments that may be taking place. If your pet needs to be seen immediately and we are not available to help - please contact 24/7 clinic Med Vet Santa Teresa at 408-649-7070.

Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital is the premier veterinarian in San Jose and surrounding areas. Our site has many valuable resources including the opportunity to sign up for our free informational newsletter. Learning about the care and keeping of your pet is an ongoing process and our resources can keep you informed about the latest information. Conveniently located in San Jose, our office is easy to get to so call us today for an appointment: (408) 227-1661.

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  • Dr
    Ravinder Brar

    Dr Brar earned his bachelors in Veterinary Science from The College of Veterinary Science Gujarat Agricultural University in India and finished his Masters in Veterinary Microbiology from Punjab Agricultural University in India. He finished Education Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates Program in 2010 and has been practicing small animal medicine in the Bay Area ever since. Since June of 2019 Dr Brar has been a part of Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital . Dr. Brar's special interest is internal medicine for canines and felines. Dr. Brar is an active member of AVMA and CVMA.

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  • Dr.
    Satwinder Bajwa

    Dr. Bajwa has been working as a veterinarian since 2009 in the Bay area of California. He earned his master’s degree in Animal Reproduction in India in 2005 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree here in the States after completing a one-year clinical program at Oklahoma State University. Formerly, Dr. Bajwa worked as a veterinarian in Vancouver City in Canada before moving to California to become an associate veterinarian at our hospital. His areas of interest include internal medicine, emergency medicine, and surgery. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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    Very helpful - I don't have a lot of money and they help me make decisions given my situation. No pressure

    Diane H.

    I love this man! He is honest and no non-sense! Our family vet since the 70's when he had a mobile service to our semi rural community back then.

    Anna K.

    The doctor and staff are amazing!! They really do care about you and your fur babies. We recently had to say goodbye to our 19 yr old cat and they were wonderful through the whole process. They really made my mom feel comfortable and supported through everything! Thank you for your kindness!!

    Christine K.


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