Dr. Timothy D. Thies

Dr. Timothy D. Thies

Dr. Thies graduated from Texas A&M University in 1977 with his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.  He is licensed to practice in both California and Texas.  He moved to San Jose after graduating from Veterinary School and worked at a Hospital in Campbell and one in Los Gatos before starting a House Call Practice in 1982.  After his son Garrett was born in June of 2000, he decided he needed to have an office that didn’t move.

Dr. Thies bought Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital in February of 2002. He loves spending time with his wife Tammy (a Registered Veterinary Technician and his office manager) and his son Garrett, which is why the Hospital is closed on the weekends. Dr. Thies loves to go camping and spend time with his family, including their cat Cosmo who loves to travel with them. The household also includes 4 tortoises and the office kitty Watson. Watson loves to do tricks and keep the clients entertained. Dr. Thies takes him on outings for quick trips to the post office drive through, which Watson loves. Watson enjoys the car ride and is safely seat belted in his cat carrier.

Dr. Thies has many interests in Veterinary Medicine including dermatology, kidney diseases, dentistry and consulting with families to improve the longevity of their pets and enriching their family-pet experience. He really cares about his patients and treats his patients like they were his own.

When Dr. Thies has free time he loves to take photos and is involved with many botanical clubs in the bay area.


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