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We wish we could always be available to our patients, but sometimes things happen outside of normal business hours. 

Paging the Doctor

If you have any urgent questions about your pet after our regular business hours or if there is something that is happening to your pet that you don’t understand, don’t wait; please call.

Let the Doctor decide if it’s a problem.

Please call 1-408-697-2523 to PAGE the Doctor.  When you call this number it will ring, then there will be 3 BEEPS.  After hearing the BEEPS use your phone key pad to type in YOUR 10 DIGIT PHONE NUMBER, with your area code FIRST.   When you finish typing in your number, press the # key on your phone and you will hear “Thank You for Calling” this means your message has been sent.  The Doctor will call you back in most cases in an hour or less.  

South San Jose:

5440 Thornwood Drive
(Behind Oakridge Mall next to the Bowling Alley)
(408) 578-5622


911 Dell Avenue
(408) 371-6252

Directions and contact information can be found at their website:


Oak Grove Veterinary Hospital waiting room

If your pet needs immediate treatment after hours, on weekends, or on holidays, please contact one of the United Emergency Animal Clinics.  They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

If you are a current patient with our hospital, you may always try calling our regular office number after hours if your needs are not immediate or life threatening.  Dr.Thies will do his best to call you back promptly if he is in the area, but again- if this an immediate or life-threatening emergency do not wait.  Take your pet to the nearest Emergency Clinic as listed above. 

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